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ARUP Consult® is a laboratory test selection support tool with more than 2,000 lab tests categorized into disease-related topics and algorithms.

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Hemophilia – Factor VIII or IX Deficiency

Which issues are important to keep in mind when testing patients for hemophilia? Visit our up-to-date topic for information about testing for hemophilia A and B.

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Alcohol Use Biomarkers

Which biomarker tests are best to detect acute and chronic alcohol ingestion? The redesigned Alcohol Use Biomarkers topic answers this and other questions.

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

What role does cytogenetics play in the diagnosis and monitoring of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia? Read about this and other key laboratory testing methodologies, including next generation sequencing, in the updated topic.

Test Your Knowledge
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Use a Tiered Approach to Test for Disability

Laboratory testing is key to the comprehensive evaluation that helps determine management and treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, and intellectual disability. ARUP Consult has updated its testing information and algorithm with suggested tiered-testing approaches that note chromosomal microarray is preferred to karyotyping as the first-tier test. Fragile X screening, and in some cases, metabolic testing, are also recommended.

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