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The Physician's Guide to Lab Test Selection and Interpretation

ARUP Consult® is a laboratory test selection support tool with more than 2,000 lab tests categorized into disease-related topics and algorithms.

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Featured updates


The Aldosteronism topic and algorithm have been updated to reflect the 2016 Endocrine Society Guidelines.

Immunization Status

The new Immunization Status topic details how to assess immunization status for many vaccine-preventable diseases, including pertussis, mumps, and rubella.

Food Allergies

The Food Allergies topic has been updated to include The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' new guidelines aimed at reducing the risk of peanut allergy in infants.

New Topic

Making Sense of Drug Testing​

To ensure safe and effective therapy, current practice guidelines recommend periodic drug tests to monitor patients for adherence to prescribed medications and abstinence from non-prescribed drugs. However, drug testing strategies and test methods are not well standardized, making it difficult to select the right test and interpret test results. Read more about pain management, newborn drug testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, and the importance of germline pharmacogenetic testing in the new ARUP Consult Clinical Toxicology Testing topic.

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