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About This Policy

The ARUP Informatics–Decision Support editorial team creates, maintains, and disseminates medical content for several ARUP products (described below). This Editorial Policy explains how we develop content and how you can contact us to ask questions or comment on our products.

Products Covered

  • ARUP Consult (https://arupconsult.com) is a laboratory test selection support tool that contains more than 2,000 lab tests categorized into related topics.
  • Test Fact Sheets, or Additional Technical Information documents, cover frequently requested technical information for specific ARUP tests.

Content Development

The editorial team works with ARUP’s medical experts to help write, edit, maintain, and review content. Qualified and experienced medical writers create content that medical experts from the University of Utah School of Medicine and ARUP Laboratories review for clinical accuracy and relevancy.

The editorial team and medical experts create content based on best practices and the most recent guidelines as an educational service to the medical community. Our medical editors confirm that text is readable and accessible to the user by carefully reviewing grammar, punctuation, and style before publishing content. Writing style and presentation vary by product and are designed to meet specific audience needs. Our editorial team generally adheres to the AMA Manual of Style. We also maintain an in-house style guide to ensure consistency across products.

Editorial Review Process

The editorial team regularly reviews content to ensure that it addresses best practices and the most recent guidelines for laboratory test selection. Appropriate ARUP medical experts approve all medical content revisions. The editorial team verifies that medical content is consistent across our range of products. The dates of the most recent content review and last update are noted on each content item.


Medical information and practice change regularly. To keep our content accurate and relevant, our editorial team stays abreast of the latest developments in clinical care by reviewing national and international guidelines and articles from peer-reviewed medical journals. Guidelines and medical literature that inform our content are hyperlinked on all ARUP Consult topics and, where appropriate, on Test Fact Sheets.

Links to External Sources

As a convenience to those who use our content, our products contain links to a number of websites that may provide additional related information. The editorial team regularly reviews all links to ensure functionality.

Links to sites not maintained by our editorial team may contain different information and/or have different privacy policies (see below for a link to the ARUP privacy policy). You may wish to review the privacy policies of these websites or request specific information regarding the sites’ privacy policies and procedures after leaving our site. The editorial team is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other online products. External links are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement.

Medical Experts

ARUP’s medical directors and consultants are nationally and internationally recognized pathologists, subspecialty-qualified clinicians, and board-certified clinical scientists. These professionals make significant contributions in research and development, and each holds a faculty appointment at the University of Utah School of Medicine. These experts support the medical community by providing consultation in all aspects of laboratory medicine. ARUP and the University of Utah have robust processes to ensure that commercial interests do not influence their authorship of ARUP Consult. ARUP’s medical and technical staff members author textbooks and journal articles. They also present lectures, workshops, and symposia at regional, national, and international meetings. Our medical editors receive ongoing training in medical writing and editing from national professional organizations.

ARUP Consult Permissions

We encourage individuals and organizations to link to the ARUP Consult website at https://arupconsult.com. ARUP Consult content may be freely downloaded and used for noncommercial purposes. We ask that all material be clearly acknowledged with the original source and a link to the website. This can easily be done by selecting the “Cite this page” button at the top of each topic:

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Commercial use of ARUP Consult in whole or in part without prior written authorization is prohibited. In the preparation of our medical content products, we make every effort to offer the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information possible. Nevertheless, ARUP Laboratories disclaims, without limitation, any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on any of our websites.


All information contained in our products is copyright protected unless otherwise noted.


Medical knowledge and best practice evolve continually. Practice, treatment, and laboratory test ordering therefore are, therefore, dynamic. Practitioners, relying on their own experience and knowledge of the patient, are responsible for making diagnoses and monitoring patient health status. Medical information found in our products is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide medical diagnoses. The use of our products is subject to ARUP Laboratories Disclaimer.

Trademark Statement

ARUP, ARUP Laboratories, ARUP Consult, and other ARUP product/service names and logos are trademarks and service marks (“ARUP Marks”) of ARUP Laboratories or its affiliates. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos used on our products are the property of their respective owners. Any use of ARUP marks without express written permission is prohibited.

Online Privacy Policy

ARUP Consult uses Google Analytics to analyze the website's audience to improve content. Google Analytics collects no personal information. Read Google Analytics’ privacy policy here. Refer to ARUP Laboratories Online Privacy Policy for more information.

Third-Party Advertisements

We do not accept advertisements from outside entities. Any financial relationships with a linked site, including in-kind services other than reciprocal linking, will be stated and described in our products.

Corrections Policy

Our editorial team strives to provide accurate medical information. It is our policy to make corrections and clarifications to our original medical content when necessary.

Editorial Policy Changes

From time to time, we may make changes to this editorial policy that will not affect its overall objectives. A date informing you when the policy was last reviewed and updated follows this section. Whenever significant changes are made to this policy, we will post a notice on the ARUP Consult website for 30 days. We recommend that you read our editorial policy each time you visit our site.


We welcome comments, questions, or suggestions you have about this editorial policy or our products. Please contact us using our Feedback form. To maintain the integrity of the content, the professional opinion of our medical experts dictates the actions we will take, if any, based on the feedback we receive.

This policy was effective on November 18, 2013.