ARUP Immunobullous Disease Testing Comparison

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Immunobullous diseases are caused by or associated with specific autoantibodies that bind to epithelium in skin and mucous membranes. These disorders do not always show blistering and may present with common symptoms or signs, including itching, eczema, urticaria, or oral mucosal irritation. They may be better known as epithelial antibody-associated diseases. ARUP Laboratories offers a comprehensive selection of immunodermatology test panels to detect the autoantibodies associated with these diseases and, thus, aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease activity.

For more information about the immunodermatology panels offered by ARUP, refer to the Panel Tests table.

For more information about immunodermatology tests that aid in the diagnosis of specific epithelial antibody-associated diseases, refer to the Disease-Specific Tests table.

For more information about the individual tests that are included in the immunodermatology panels, refer to the Individual Tests table.