Autoimmune Vision Loss Panel, Serum

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Disease Overview

Vision loss may be a symptom of many conditions, including paraneoplastic autoimmune neurologic diseases such as cancer-associated retinopathy and paraneoplastic optic neuropathy.   While these diseases are less common than vision loss due to optic neuritis (as seen in multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders),  including them in the differential for vision loss has important implications for cancer screening and treatment.

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Test Description

Consider this phenotype-targeted panel for the evaluation of a subacute onset of progressive bilateral vision loss when there is concern for a paraneoplastic autoimmune etiology.

This panel includes antibodies associated with paraneoplastic vision loss  ; if there is concern for demyelinating disease, consider the Autoimmune CNS Demyelinating Disease Reflexive Panel, which includes AQP4 and MOG antibodies. To compare these panels and the antibodies included, refer to ARUP Autoimmune Neurology Panel Components. Testing for individual antibodies is also available separately.

Antibodies Tested and Methodology

Autoimmune Vision Loss Panel, Serum (3016804): Antibodies Tested and Methodology
  Methodology Individual Autoantibody Test Code

CV2 (CRMP-5) Ab, IgG



Recoverin Ab, IgG



Ab, antibody; CBA, cell-binding assay/cell-based assay; CRMP-5, collapsin response-mediator protein 5; IB, immunoblot; IFA, indirect immunofluorescence assay; IgG, immunoglobulin G

Reflex Patterns

Reflex pattern for Autoimmune Vision Loss Panel, Serum (3016804)


This panel does not include every antibody that has been associated with autoimmune vision loss. As testing for newly described antibodies becomes available and their clinical relevance is established, this panel will evolve to reflect these discoveries.

Test Interpretation


Results should be interpreted in the context of the patient’s clinical history, neurologic and ophthalmologic exam, and other laboratory findings. Test results (positive or negative) should not supersede clinical judgment.

Autoimmune Vision Loss Panel, Serum (3016804): Results Interpretation
Result Interpretation

Positive for ≥1 autoantibodies

Autoantibody(ies) detected

Supports a clinical diagnosis of autoimmune vision loss

Consider a focused search for malignancy based on established antibody-tumor associations


No autoantibodies detected

A diagnosis of autoimmune vision loss is not excluded